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Bowman Offshore Bank Transfers on What you should consider when designing your Offshore Strategy


Today we discuss why offshore companies can be powerful tools to protect your assets, optimize your business and drastically increase your net profits.


Why your Tax Residency matters


Contrary to what is said, do not expect to incorporate an offshore company and automatically slash your tax bill to 0.


It is not that simple.


Implementing an offshore company strategy without planting the proper tax residency flag can lead you to several issues and it might not have any upside from a tax standpoint.


For instance, let’s say that you are a Spanish tax resident and you incorporate in the Seychelles. You will enjoy some benefits related to asset protection and achieve a certain degree of privacy, but you won’t have any tax benefit.


This is due to CFC (controlled foreign companies) laws, which we discussed in previous letters, and corporate tax residency laws.


If you are resident of a country with CFC laws, profits retained in your offshore company may be attributable and taxed, even if they have not been distributed.


Often, corporate tax residency is not only deemed by where a company is incorporated, but also by its place of effective management.


Following the previous example, if you manage your Seychelles IBC from Spain, it can be considered a resident for tax purposes and therefore subject to the Spanish corporate income tax rate of 25%.


Incorporating offshore only is not the magic solution to minimize your tax burden.


Also, depending on the nature of your business, incorporating in the wrong jurisdiction can lead to serious headaches and negative effects.


However, having a proper offshore corporate structure tailored to your circumstances and the nature of your business can make a phenomenal difference.


It can take you near to the 0% promised land, legally reduce your compliance burden while protecting your assets and allow you to grow your business exponentially.


Get your offshore strategy right


For instance, if you provide online professional services, you can incorporate your company in the British Virgin Islands.


An international company in the British Virgin Islands is free from all kind of taxes, that is, you will not have to pay a penny in corporate taxes.


In addition, reporting requirements are minimal. You will not have to file your accounts and there is no public record of shareholders or directors, so your privacy is assured.


Since the British Virgin Islands has a reputable regulatory environment, banks of jurisdictions such as Singapore might be willing to work with them.


Opening a corporate and personal bank account in Singapore (one of the most reputable financial and banking centers worldwide) will allow access of 1st world banking options. Your clients will be able to wire you money issue-free too.


You could establish your tax residency and managing your business from Thailand, and ensure that your BVI Company is not considered a resident for tax purposes.


Thailand only considers companies incorporated in Thailand as tax residents and does not have CFC laws.


Furthermore, at the personal level, foreign-source income is only taxable when is remitted to the country the same year in which it is accrued.


Therefore, if you only remit money to Thailand to cover your daily expenses or you remit profits after one year, you can reduce your total income tax significantly, in some cases close to 0%.


This is a simple high-level example of how implementing a correct offshore strategy may increase your net income significantly. This is not legal or tax advice, consults with a professional to assess your strategy according to your personal circumstances.


If you want to market your products online in Europe and need a payment processor such as Stripe or PayPal, you might want to incorporate a UK LLP, a neutral tax entity with which it will be easier to get a payment processor and its income will flow tax-free (as long as you do not have UK clients) to parent offshore companies, which in turn are not subject to taxes.


If you start your fintech business and need financing, Singapore or Hong Kong might be valid options for you as they have attractive tax schemes and pro-business regulations for start-ups and a great angel investor and venture capital scene.


If you are seeking a logistic hub, with affordable energy costs, a strategic geographical location for trade, a solid financial sector and a vast network of trade agreements and tax treaties, you might consider incorporating your tax-free company in a UAE free trade zone such as Jebel Ali (Dubai).


Or you might want to look at Malta or the UK to establish your holding company for your European investment subsidiaries as there is no withholding tax and dividends received and distributed by the parent company might not be taxed at the corporate level, subject to certain conditions.


It might also make sense to structure your business combining an offshore company with an onshore entity.


Setting up an onshore company has its benefits. You may establish your physical headquarters and offices, taking on loans or venture capital, hiring staff, health insurance, greater reputation and potential for M&A or exit opportunities, and compliance with local laws and regulations.


Establishing onshore may allow you to immigrate, get a work permit and tax residency. In addition, doing business with an onshore entity removes the stigma or difficulty of offshore business.


With the right corporate structure, you can benefit from both the onshore and offshore world.


If you combine an onshore company with an offshore company, and is properly structured with transfer pricing standards, you might still benefit from a 0% or low taxation but with greater reputation, more options and ease of doing business.


As we can see there is no one size fits all solution and what works for another may not work for you.


Also, tax laws and regulations change periodically and you want to be well-informed when making a decision.


At Flag Theory we design a holistic and customized offshore strategy considering all factors and caveats to find a solution for each one of them.


We are at your disposal to have a call and discuss your options according to your specific circumstances and goals.

Tokyo MK Taxi: Inhalen met Technologische Vooruitgang

Technologische innovatie is opgedoken in de markt om te profiteren van de mensen en bij te dragen tot de groei van verschillende bedrijven wereldwijd. Met de opkomst van mobiele toepassingen, ze gaf een impuls aan de geolocation technologie en bracht een revolutie in verschillende branches.


Integratie van Geolocation technologie veranderd de manier waarop die verschillende bedrijven hun klanten geserveerd. Vandaag, veel toepassingen zijn volledig gebaseerd op deze technologie en het locatie-gebaseerde diensten in de markt is bevallen. Vooral in de taxi industrie, met het gebruik van geolocatie technologie taxibedrijven een kans krijgen om hun klanten beter te bedienen rond de stad. Deze technologie verandert de aanpak van Tokyo MK Taxi in relevantie voor hun consument-communicatie. Privé Chauffeur Service of PC's gebruikt, kunt u nu vinden een MK taxi beschikbaar voor huren in de buurt van uw locatie te halen u Boeking van de auto kan rechtstreeks naar de bestuurder van de auto worden gemaakt zonder het gaan door het callcenter. Met behulp van dit soort systeem, kunnen fouten die optreden kunnen bij het aanvragen via het Callcenter worden vermeden. Aangezien de bestuurder wordt gevraagd om te bellen zodra hij de pick-up locatie heeft bereikt, is het mogelijk te wachten binnenshuis.


Het beste deel is dat de service nog steeds in redelijke prijs met behoud van een uitstekende service van de client-centered. Tokyo MK Taxi biedt deze vorm van dienstverlening te kunnen voldoen volledig aan de behoefte aan gemak van hun klanten en het vergroten van hun naamsbekendheid over Japan, Korea en de Verenigde Staten. Bovendien kunnen wij u de garantie dat PC's zal werken in alle omstandigheden en op alle platforms.


Onze voertuigen


We hebben een vloot van luxe taxi voertuigen om te kiezen van, Tokyo MK Taxi functies Lexus groep liefhebbers automodellen LS600hL en Lexus LS460, alsmede andere soorten voertuigen voor alle maten van de andere groep en reis behoeften, zoals Toyota Alphard, Vellfire, nul kroon en BMW ActiveHybrid 7L. Elke auto eigendom van Tokyo MK wordt gehouden in uitstekende staat met een groep van enthousiaste mechanica en detailers te handhaven van de kwaliteit en de efficiëntie op de weg.

Tokyo MK Taxi - Kenmerken van een goede Chauffeur Service

Er zijn zoveel auto chauffeurs tegenwoordig onderhoud en niet allemaal gelijk zijn gemaakt. Als u van plan bent om te boeken een limo voor elke gelegenheid, het selecteren van een voertuig is niet de enige die u zou moeten overwegen. Als een client, moet u hoop voor een uitstekende service en meepraten in de juiste chauffeur ook. Van pick-up aan veilig aankomen op uw eindbestemming wordt, lijst Tokyo MK Taxi paar dingen die een goede chauffeur te onderscheiden van de rest van de menigte.


Uitstekende klantenservice


Met een zeer professionele chauffeur is essentieel om u te voorzien van een goede limo-ervaring. Een geweldige chauffeur heeft effectieve communicatievaardigheden, anticipeert op de behoeften van de passagierszijde en staat hun passagiers te voorzien van uitstekende klantenservice. Ze moeten doordachte, aangename, beleefde en weten wanneer te praten met passagiers en wanneer te laten rijden in vrede. Bijvoorbeeld, een doordachte chauffeur zal open deuren, verzorgen bagage, paraplu's en weefsels ingeval de passagiers ze nodig hebben en details over bezienswaardigheden biedt als er iets wat je weten wilt over.


Een positieve houding en de mogelijkheid om blijf kalm


Het hebben van een positieve houding is alles. Een goede chauffeur heeft een positieve kijk op leven en op zijn werk. Hij mag trots zijn op zijn cliënt dienen en bereid zijn te gaan de extra mijl om zijn passagier gelukkig en tevreden. Zelfs in tijden van stress, zal een uitstekende chauffeur weten hoe omgaan met de situatie rustig en beter maken.


Vormgeving en persoonlijke verzorging


Chauffeur service meestal ingehuurd voor formele of speciale gelegenheden, om deze reden, moeten zij worden professioneel gekleed of in een klassieke donker pak, wit overhemd en een stropdas. Bij chauffeurs zich presenteren maakt professioneel gekleed en goed verzorgd, alle verschil en blijvende indruk aan klanten, die eisen van de beste kwaliteit van de dienstverlening.


Mechanische vaardigheden op voet van gelijkheid


Het is noodzakelijk dat uw chauffeurs ook goed-geïnformeerde in mechanische problemen. Op die manier kunnen de kleine kwesties met betrekking tot de auto snel worden vastgesteld zonder afbreuk te doen aan uw afspraken of schema. Hoewel je niet verwachten een chauffeur uit te voeren complexe mechanische werk en een aantal problemen oplossen dat zou, is het stuurprogramma moeten ten minste elementaire kennis over de vaststelling van auto's en wanneer de back-up nodig is.


Een van de dingen om ervoor te zorgen dat u een onvergetelijke ervaring is om ervoor te zorgen dat u de juiste luxeauto samen met een gekwalificeerde chauffeur met bovengenoemde eigenschappen rijden. Tokyo MK Taxi functies Lexus groep enthousiastelingen met auto opgenomen in hun wagenpark zijn Lexus LS600hL en Lexus LS460 die perfect geschikt is voor zakelijke functies en de pendeldienst van de luchthaven-stad. Tokyo MK Taxi, zal met hun lange staande in de chauffeur service-industrie, ervoor zorgen dat uw vervoer plannen zo stressvrij, glad en betrouwbaar mogelijk zijn.

Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing Review Singapore: Relaxing Island Getaway

“Pirates, hurricanes and battles”, Galveston today is nothing like what your grandfather probably remembers. To some people, like your grandpa, the island of Galveston will always be an island defined by its storied past.


Today, Galveston is widely known not for its historic past but for its beautiful Gulf beaches, world-class museums, cruise ships, restaurants and hundreds of places to stay. Located South of Houston, you will definitely be captivated by the island’s natural beauty and bizarre charm. Come and enjoy the beautiful outdoors of Galveston all year-round!


Discounts at Moody Gardens


Spring break is here! Moody Garden is offering new travel destinations and activities with discounts to give you and your family an unforgettable vacation to one of the most popular tourist destinations in Texas.


Spring Break Galveston


From March 1 to April 30, Galveston celebrates its annual freedom pilgrimage called Spring Break Galveston. It’s the perfect time for dancing and partying under the vibrant blue skies.


Explore Pier 21


Pier 21 is an entertainment destination offering attractions, fine restaurants, hotels and boat ride located on Galveston’s historic working harbor.


Win Cash and be the Face of Galveston!


Capture happiness and make memories on the beautiful island of Galveston to win cash!


Historic Downtown of Galveston for Art Lovers


Galveston isn’t just for tourists looking for surf and seafood. Art lovers have the opportunity to embark on a brief adventure downtown where historic landmarks, museums, theaters and art galleries are awaiting!


Twin Pygmy Lorises at Moody Gardens!


The Nocturnal Exhibit of the Rainforest Pyramid celebrates the birth of two small, rare and endangered Pygmy Slow Loris twins this 2017.

Careconnect Health Insurance Group Review: 5 Numbers for the 4th of July


Happy birthday to our nation! Here’s to celebrating with barbecues, the great outdoors, fireworks and friends!


And yet -- not to rain on your parade, snuff your sparklers or put a cramp in your cookout – we want to share a word to the wise: Besides being our national birthday, the Fourth has also been called the most dangerous holiday of the year. Do have fun! Just take a look at these numbers and adjust accordingly in order to keep your family safe, sound and happy.




Hand-held sparklers burn at approximately 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the Consumer Products Safety Commission – as hot as a blowtorch. Always supervise any fireworks activities closely, including those that “just” feature sparklers.




Independence Day is the deadliest day of the year for motor vehicle crashes, says the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, with 118 lives lost each year, on average. A life-saving move: making sure that everyone in the car buckles up on every trip. According to estimates by the National Safety Council, if everyone used their seat belt at all times, 181 lives could be saved over the three-day weekend.


1 in 5


Newsflash: Your dog would not enjoy watching the local fireworks display. When a pet goes missing, loud noises like fireworks and thunderstorms are responsible nearly 20 percent of the time, reports the ASCPA. Make sure your pooch is kept securely indoors or on a leash throughout the night.




Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your picnic or barbecue – consider wearing long-sleeved shirts and long pants, and use an EPA-registered insect repellant, says the CDC. Consumer Reports tests show that repellants containing 30 percent DEET provide just as much eight-hour anti-mosquito protection as stronger formulas, but are less likely to cause side effects like rashes or even seizures. (Used as directed, the CDC says, an EPA-registered repellant is safe during pregnancy. Don’t use repellant on babies younger than 2 months old.).




A 2014 British study found that the average barbecue-goer eats and drinks about 1,800 calories at a backyard cookout. To avoid developing a barbecue bulge, fill half your plate with fruits and veggies.

Online Security: Dumb WhatsApp Scam Spreads Malware - Beware


Dumb WhatsApp Scam Spreads Malware, Touting 'Free Internet' Without Wi-Fi: Beware


A pretty dumb WhatsApp scam is making rounds in chain mail form, promising "free internet" without Wi-Fi on an invite-only basis.


First of all, the scam is quite dumb to begin with because the only way to use WhatsApp without Wi-Fi is to have a cellular data connection and WhatsApp cannot offer data - it's just an app, not a provider.


Secondly, the scam is spreading because it prompts victims to forward the message to 13 friends or five groups on WhatsApp to activate the "free internet."


How It Works


"As usual, the message spreads via WhatsApp groups or comes from a friend who 'recommends' the service - often unaware of it. In this case, you receive a special invitation with a link," explains the WeLiveSecurity blog of antivirus and security firm ESET.


"You can already get Internet Free Without WI-FI with Whatsapp, and it is by means of invitations, here I give you an invitation," reads the poorly written message.


Upon clicking on the included link, users are taken to a website mimicking the WhatsApp domain. It detects the device's language based on the browser settings and invites users to pass along the invitation to more people, ensuring that the scam keeps spreading.


The message also shows fake reviews from fake users, claiming to be incredibly satisfied with this amazing offer. Those users don't even exist, much like this "free internet" invite-only deal. Don't fall for it, or you'll get more than you bargained for - and not in a good way.


Surprise! Malware


After sharing the message with at least 13 people or five groups, users who have fallen victim to this sham end up on various sites where a number of malicious actions can wreak havoc.


According to WeLiveSecurity, such actions range from subscriptions to premium and expensive SMS services to installing third-party apps on the device, of course aiming to generate some money for the scammer on the victims' expense.


Victims will see various offers, but they obviously will not get any "free internet." The only way to use WhatsApp to communicate with people is to have an active internet connection, be it cellular data or Wi-Fi, and the scam does absolutely nothing to change this reality.


At best, victims waste their time and end up disappointed that the magical chain message didn't work. At worst, they end up with malicious software on their phones.


How To Avoid Such Scams


First of all, keep in mind that any message that shows up out of the blue, poorly written and making seemingly attractive promises are most likely fake, part of a scam. Raising awareness regarding these scams plays a crucial role in limiting their damage and slowing their spread rate.


If you've received this "free internet" offer or some other dubious message that looks like a scam, warn the sender and your friends so that they're aware it's a scam. Moreover, reporting the fraud is also important and it's not that big of a hassle - just flag it in your browser as you'd normally report any phishing campaign.

Security and Risk Online: E-payments: Cyber-criminals put financial operators on their toes


The challenge of fraud in electronic transactions remains one enduring source of concern for stakeholders in the financial sector. As the e-platforms grow, the potential risks equally skyrocket requiring a more proactive approach in nipping the trends in the bud.


This advancement has come with its challenges and risks as internet fraudsters took advantage of the technology loopholes to defraud unsuspecting customers of their hard earned money. Blocking these loopholes has been the major headache of stakeholders due to the growing e-payment channels and as transactions through such means grow.


According to the Nigerian Inter-Bank Settlement Scheme (NIBSS), the value of total transaction made on the two major electronic payment platforms of NIBSS Instant Payment (NIP) and National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) stood at N35 trillion in the last three quarters of 2016, an equivalent of transaction value on all various electronic payment platforms in 2015.


In the last quarter of last year, the industry recorded N13.246 trillion transactions. While NEFT was N3.657 trillion, NIP recorded N9.589 trillion transactions.


Within the first two quarters last year, over 60 million units of transactions valued at N21.837 trillion were made on the two platforms according to report,


Combined with transaction value and volume on other platforms, which according to NIBSS, includes E-bills, mobile money and cheque transactions, it is obvious that the amount of money that daily exchanges hands electronically among individuals, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), multi-national companies and Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDAs) is on the high side, hence, the rising trend of electronic fraud (e-fraud).


Also in 2013, NIBSS revealed that 822 cases of electronic fraud were recorded with an attempted value of N19.15 billion, while the actual loss to the online scam stood at N485.19 million.


Reported cases of fraud moved up by 78 per cent in 2014 to 1,461.  While attempted value reduced to N7.75 billion, the actual loss was N6.216 billion.


The trend, however, subsided in 2015 following efforts by stakeholders. In 2015, about 946 attempted e-fraud cases were recorded on the networks of banks, Other Financial Institutions (OFIs) and Mobile Payment Operators (MPOs), resulting in an approximated  loss of N5 billion, compared with N6.216 billion record of 2014.


Deputy Governor, Operations at the CBN, Mr. Adebayo Adelabu who was a special guest at a forum recalled that the NeFF had in the last five years proven to be a formidable stakeholder in securing this ecosystem, through a unique and critically important role of creating a platform for collaboration amongst stakeholders in payments system but more still needs to be done as the trend becomes more potent.


Adelabu who was represented by Mr. Taiwo Oladimeji, his Special Assistant, said, “The challenge of securing the Nigerian payments system will always be a daunting task, for with ease of payments, comes greater adoption, and with increased adoption, the lure of cyber-criminals who seek to convert either digital assets or resources or both to their own becomes greater.”


Mr. Dipo Fatokun, Chairman of NeFF and Director Banking and Payment System Department of the CBN explained the successes recorded so far by the forum and gave an overview of the plans for the New Year, among which is the organization of a workshop that would “highlight the challenges inherent in the Cyber-Crime Prohibition Act 2015 and its possible effect on e-commerce and use the recommendations to engage the Attorney-General of the Federation and the Office of the National Security Adviser on reviewing certain aspects that could affect the effective operationalization of the Act.” 


He said efforts to establish a Dedicated e-Payment and Card Crime Unit in the Nigerian Police Force has gained momentum awaiting the approval of CBN’s Committee of Governors, expressing optimism that the unit would take shape in the coming year.


Fatokun however said a robust awareness programme for members of the public and staff of organizations that operate within the payments space would be carried out in 2017, saying, “It is important that our awareness programme starts in 2017 as this would help the industry reduce cost of fraud through increased vigilance and detection abilities”.


Stanbic IBTC Bank, FCMB, Citi Bank and the Standard Chartered Bank were co-sponsors of the dinner with their managing directors well represented at the forum. The bank stakeholders were unanimous in their pledge for more collaboration to effectively nip the trend of e-fraud in the bud and safeguard the integrity of online transactions.


According to the Chief Risk Officer of Stanbic, Mfon Akpan, 2016 has been a challenging year for bank. Worse still, she said, the industry continues to witness ingenuous activities of fraudsters. Though their activities have been frustrated to some extent, Akpan noted that more still needs to be done by stakeholders because “a porous banking industry will not engender trust in the public”.


She also said the introduction of the Biometric Verification Number (BVN) has helped to reduce the extent of fraud but the industry is surrounded by powerful syndicates including insider threat. “We need to raise the bar, sharpen the saw, no need for complacency. We need collaboration among banks, telecommunication sector, internet service providers (ISPs) to identify the perpetrators with speed”, she said.


Soji Adeniyi, Chief Auditing Executive at FCMB also corroborated Akpan on the need for collaboration with Telcos and the Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) to minimize the fraud. “We need constant forum to educate law enforcement agents and judicial officers among other players in the electronic payment system.


Providing insight into the electronic fraud challenge in the 21st Century banking system was the Head of Cyber Risk Services at Deloitte West Africa, Mr. Tope Aladenusi who spoke on “Disruptive Technology and the Future of Secure Payment”.




Cyber Security: Combat fraud with analytics

The exponential surge in online fraud and cybercrime saw almost 6 million offences committed last year, meaning around one in 10 adults in the UK were victims


According to the latest findings from the Crime Survey for England and Wales, fraud has now become the most prevalent crime in the country with people 10 times more likely to become a fraud victim than they are to suffer a theft.


What is clear is that fraud is an insidious problem that challenges all businesses in the UK and around the globe.


For far too long, fraud has been viewed as a victimless crime. On the contrary, it is continually being used by criminals for monetary gain.


It is also used to fund a wide spectrum of illegal activities including drug dealing, human trafficking and even the funding of terrorism. Very often, the victims are oblivious to the risks of transacting online and are amongst more vulnerable members of society.


An evolving threat


Fraud has evolved from simple and opportunistic modus operandi to more complex scenarios.


Fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated, making use of techniques ranging from social engineering such as phishing or vishing to cyber-enabled malware attacks.


They also often hide within complex networks where they employ ‘mules’ to do their bidding.


Those networks are often hard to detect as they combine fraudulent activity with legitimate and compliant transactions.


Also contributing to the rising velocity of fraud is the proliferation of online services and the anonymity those digital channels provide to consumers.


For example, when making insurance claims it’s easy to inflate the value of a damaged or stolen item or to add a few additional items to the claim, therefore resulting in what’s often referred to as ‘soft fraud’.


Adopt a constant state of readiness


Organisations must be in a constant state of readiness and need a multi-layered and pragmatic strategy to curb this threat.


It is critical that organisations adopt a holistic approach that encompasses data management, fraud detection, as well as robust policies and strict internal governance to ensure that their exposure to fraud is brought down to a minimum.


The ability to analyse high volumes of data quickly, in real time, is becoming more and more a ‘business critical’ requirement. Organisations must start with enhancing their data quality, as well as collating and linking different data types coming into the organisation.


The use of data analytics is often understated but could yield significant value for organisations wishing to adopt a superior approach to monitoring and detection.


Better fraud detection tools, better business


For businesses, fraud introduces additional costs that impinge on growth, performance and productivity. On a wider scale, it undermines sustained economic progress and the operation of free markets.


The onus is therefore on individuals and businesses alike to deter and report instances of fraud.


According to SAS research with the Centre for Economic and Business Research, efficiencies from better fraud detection tools could total £290m from 2015 to 2020. Such tools include advanced analytics which will enable businesses to intervene and prevent fraud before it happens.


Lastly but crucially, people at the head of organisations should lead by example and nurture a culture of zero tolerance towards fraud and other forms of financial crime within their organisation.


There should not only be policies but enforcement of those policies in the way that day-to-day business is conducted, both internally and with external parties.


With increased government focus and regulatory scrutiny on financial crime, businesses found cutting corners will be exposed and be subject to potential fines.


For small to medium organisations, the associated reputational damage may undermine their very ability to exist in the future. Find out what it takes to develop effective fraud management to help identify suspicious transactions and networks before the money leaves your premises.

Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group Review: Why do different car parts need regular check-ups?


A proper maintenance and regular check-ups are needed for different car parts to ensure that your car will maintain its best condition and performance. To further explain this thought, Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group provided in the following some important car parts and their distinct roles in a car:


Catalytic converters


The year of 1993 marks the birth of catalytic converters, which have been added in all petrol exhaust systems since then. It is built for the purpose of reducing the harmful effects of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen being released into the environment every day. Catalytic converters can convert toxic gases into water vapour and less dangerous gases, thus decreasing the effects of those damaging gases. Catalytic converters also need regular check-ups even if can last for a long period of time to guarantee the good performance of your car.




Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group has seasoned brake experts that you can depend on anytime. Getting a cost-effective brake maintenance service is also possible with their company. At least twice a year, you should have the brakes of your car checked to ensure your safety as well as your passengers, and to assure the best performance for average or even beyond average annual mileage cars.


Tyre&Auto Southbourne depots have a wide range of brake systems to choose from for cars and light commercial vehicles. Their customers can also expect free check-ups on their depots, which include a digital measurement of wear on brake pads, discs, drums and shoes, the actual condition of your braking system compiled in a list, and a no-obligation price quote for the works needed to be done.




As a car owner, you should already know the great significance of having your tyres replaced at the right time. Aside from keeping the good performance of your car, this could also ensure the safety of all people concerned while you're driving your car. Knowing the proper size and the type of tyres that fits your car is important and having the assistance of Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group on this subject could be an advantage to you. The company can help you decide which suits your car needs better.


There are different factors that can affect the lifespan of tyres, and these include the mileage of a car, the places it has been frequently used, and the driving habits of the owner.


Regular check-ups on the important parts of your car are worthwhile for extending its lifespan. It would be better to acquire the quality service of a car service provider that you can trust, without hassle and avoid fraud such as the Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group to assure the ideal condition of your car. The company also has trustworthy experts that can deliver an excellent service to their customers due to the fact the each of them possesses advanced tools and distinct techniques.



Hawkfield Consultants Review: A Sense of Happiness from Arts

Art has a very broad definition and it varies depending on who you’re asking it to. In an art collector’s perspective, art is something that can be acquired inside an art gallery. And that answer definitely makes sense.


Art galleries know what good art is, it is a place where visitors can look and appreciate worthy visual forms of art. They have the technical and artistic capabilities to identify exquisite art works that have a significant value in the art industry.  From here, a client can buy something that interests him whether as an addition to his expansive collection or simply because of the attraction brought by the piece.


Do you have a love for art and want to start collecting? If yes, then you must have sufficient art knowledge and competent buying skills. The trusted and proven fine art consultants of Hawkfield Gallery have a vast experience in buying and selling of arts. They have gained the in-depth knowledge needed to educate and assist art enthusiasts in enhancing their own collection so they wouldn't be taken advantage in the process. Art collecting is a passion that lasts a lifetime, it is shared by those who love art and wish to expand appreciation for great and significant art works.


Hawkfield Gallery has the intent to promote American fine art and folk art. To recognize and appreciate American culture and history brought by the art works they exhibit. They have a good reputation in advertising arts and its artists. Visit Hawkfield Gallery, you won’t fully appreciate art if you don’t see it in person. It is one benefit and importance of having art galleries in our society. They let you experience and appreciate art in its full potential.


Hawkfield Gallery is in Massachusetts located on a shore town midway between Boston and Cape Cod. It is housed in an 1850’s farmhouse and became a tearoom, craft shop and lending library in the 1920’s. The farmhouse is located in a neighborhood next to the historic North River and was once operated as a dairy farm up to the 1960’s.


Owning an art is personal and has numerous benefits, it sometimes represents the owner’s value, personality and outlook on life. When you collect art, you’ll learn about culture and history far and wide. Invest in art and bring home an artwork from Hawkfield Gallery. It will fill your soul with wonder and contentment, a sense of happiness in knowing that you somehow contribute in preserving American culture and heritage.


New Mothers Support Group Singapore: Who We Are


Set up nearly 20 years ago, New Mothers Support Group Singapore is the original support group for new mums and mums new to Singapore.  We offer a chance to start friendships and build support through regular socials, walks, wellness groups, parties and seasonal events.  New Mothers Support Group Singapore also offer information on all aspects of parenting under 5s through talks and our newsletters, as well as discounts with local retailers - why not join us?


If you have any questions please drop us an email with your enquiry.


Our Committee


NMSG is a not for profit organization and our committee is made up of mums who kindly volunteer their time to help setup, manage and run our events.


Click here to find out more about our committee members.


From time to time we have vacancies or new roles in our committee, if you are interested in joining our committee then drop us an email.

Hawkfield Gallery: America’s Traditional Artworks

With the rise of technology, an entirely new art forms are evolving. Music is a form of art that is prone to piracy due to the nature of modern digital technology. However, traditional artworks such as paintings and sculptures are one thing that cannot be easily forged by some. To ensure that you get the original work of an artist, you will need a trusted art collector or a fine arts specialist to help and guide you. Hawkfield Gallery might be able to assist you.


Hawkfield Gallery specializes in 20th and 21st century American fine art and folk art. Their interest spans from American impressionism, decorative songbirds, shore-bird decoys and wildlife bronze sculptures.


The owner of Hawkfield Consultants Gallery is Sally Caverly who has an impressive passion in collecting arts for more than 25 years. She got her start on Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and later on holds a Master’s degree in Education. She also became a Market Research Division Director of a major publishing house. Their gallery is located along Boston’s South Shore, midway between Cape Cod and Boston.


Hawkfield Gallery’s website is an exclusive space where you can find an actual collection of artworks from various painters and sculptures. Art experts of Hawkfield are always available to guide and advise their clients. Visit their website and take a look at their impressive list of artworks came from various talented artist.


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Haws Corporation Tempered Water Nevada USA, Singapore: Trends in Emergency Eyewashes/Showers

Repost from Safety & Health article by Tracy Haas


Equipment reliability is imperative


Unlike personal protective equipment such as hard hats and steel-toe boots, emergency eyewashes and showers are not meant to be used every day. Ideally, a worker will never need one. But should an incident such as a chemical splash occur, it’s vital that emergency eyewashes and showers be ready for use.




Because emergency eyewashes and showers are not frequently used, their maintenance may not always be top of mind. “The two most common emergency shower misuses are not providing ANSI-required tepid water and failing to conduct weekly test activations to ensure the units are working,” said Ryan Pfund, senior product manager, emergency fixtures, for Menomonee Falls, WI-based Bradley Corp. Pfund recommends establishing a weekly inspection program to test your company’s eyewash and shower equipment to ensure it is working properly and providing tepid water instantaneously. “Manufacturers provide specially designed devices and materials to assist in testing,” he added.


Nuray Ebel, product manager at Sparks, NV-based Haws, echoed Pfund’s comment that ANSI Z358.1-required weekly testing – although crucial – is often neglected: “The most significant part of the weekly test is the validation that the equipment provides proper first aid to users – not just ensuring water is present.”


Keith Flamich, marketing manager for Chicago-based Guardian Equipment, notes that equipment reliability is imperative. “During incidents where emergency eyewash and shower units are activated, far too much is at stake to depend on equipment that is not properly tested and not third-party certified,” Flamich said.


What’s new


Emergency eyewashes and showers now have improved flow control and coverage, according to Pfund. “The newest models apply fluid dynamics technology that works with a pressure-regulated flow control to provide an integral and uniform flow of water directed at the affected area,” he said.


Flamich pointed to the increasing popularity of heat-traced freeze-resistant stations in cold-weather environments. “These units are manufactured with a heat-tracing cable wrapped around internal piping to prevent the freezing of standing water within the unit,” he said. “Once activated, a safety station first delivers the standing water before drawing from a tepid water supply.” However, he cautioned that these stations are commonly misunderstood, and people often believe the units are capable of heating a full 15-minute supply of water per the ANSI Z358.1 tepid water requirement. “The reality is that these units heat only the standing water contained within its internal piping prior to unit activation,” Flamich explained. “As such, there must be continuous source of tepid water supplying the heat-traced safety station (i.e., thermostatic mixing valve, tepid water loop, or instantaneous water heater) to meet the ANSI-required 15-minute tepid water flush.”


On a separate note, Ebel spoke of the benefits of using wireless alarm technology for emergency eyewashes and showers. “Wireless transmitters enable control and/or notification from remote areas where wiring or wire maintenance is not physically possible or economically feasible.”

How to prevent fraud using velocity check?


FraudLabs Pro enables you to perform the velocity check for quantity, amount and number of transactions that occurred within 24 hours. This feature is important because it safeguards you from potential losses if the numbers surge abnormally based on your track records. When this happens, you might want to review all orders before accepting the payment.


  1. Login to the FraudLabs Pro Merchant Control Panel.
  2. Click on the Rules menu.
  3. Click on the Add Rule button.
  4. In the Rule dropdown box, select Total Amount Transacted In This Profile Within The Last 24 Hours. (In this example, we will be performing the amount velocity check).
  5. Enter the threshold amount in the Condition Param text box.
  6. Select the Manual action.
  7. Click on the Save button.
  8. In this case, the system will automatically put the oncoming orders on review status if the total amount transacted exceeded the threshold.

Things to do in Dorset by Group Holiday in Southbourne Dorset

Dorset is situated on the south coast of England, between Devon in the west and Hampshire in the east - much of the County is designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


Few major roads run through the county, allowing Dorset to retain much of its rural character and charm.


Dorset is a delightful county, with a variety of contrasting landscapes, consisting of coastline with high cliffs, inland there are wooded hills and fertile valleys, rolling chalk hills and wild heath-land.


There are several interesting towns along the coast, starting in the east at Christchurch, a Saxon town on the estuaries of the Rivers Avon and Stour, with a picturesque harbour and magnificent 11th century Priory Church.


Bournemouth is a vibrant city, with beautiful sandy beaches, gardens, shopping, night life and entertainment for holiday makers. Poole has the second largest natural harbour in the world after Sydney - you can explore the old quarter by the quayside, with many historic buildings.


'The Isle of Purbeck' is a coastal peninsula below Pool harbour. The towns of Wareham, encircled by its original Saxon walls and home of the oldest church in Dorset, and Swanage, a seaside resort and home to the famous local Purbeck stone often referred to as 'marble', are worth visiting. Nearby, the historic village of Corfe Castle is a beauty spot not to miss.


Weymouth is a popular seaside town with many interesting family attractions. Bridport also has a Dorset Tourist Information centre - the town is known for rope and net making and still makes tennis nets for Wimbledon, the All England Tennis Club.


Portland is connected to the mainland by a causeway at the eastern end of Chesil Beach, a barren pebbled beach, stretching from Weymouth to Bridport. In the hills behind the Chesil Bank, the old village of Abbotsbury is famous for the 600 year old bird sanctuary, Abbotsbury Swannery. Portland is the origin of the stone used by Sir Christopher Wren for St. Paul's Cathedral and for the UN headquarters in New York.


West Dorset's coast is known as 'Jurassic Coast' - it has been awarded World Heritage Site status, and consists of rocks formed during the Jurassic Period. This 25 mile stretch is fossil hunting country, with the beaches around Charmouth and Lyme Regis being the best places to hunt for fossils. Call at the tourist information centre in Lyme Regis for a guide to the area.


Lyme Regis is a charming historic town set on cliffs overlooking a spectacular bay with a 13th century harbour known as 'The Cob'. On a visit to Lyme Regis, Jane Austen was inspired to make it the setting for 'Persuasion', it was also the setting for John Fowles book 'A French Lieutenants Woman'.


Inland, large areas of Dorset are designated as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, such as the Blackmore Vale in the north of the County, a delightful rural area with a lush landscape, with many footpaths and bridal ways. The Dorset Downs in the centre of the County consists of chalk hillsides and, to the south, ancient woodland.


At Cerne Abbas, you can see the Cerne Abbas Giant, carved into the chalk hillside. Cranborne Chase, was once a royal hunting forest, where the deer can still be spotted and native wildlife and plants flourish.


Other towns of note include:


Blandford Forum - a gracious Georgian town on the banks of the River Stour, with a fine church and town hall and host to the Great Dorset Steam Fair each September.


Dorchester is the County town, where you can still see the remains of the original Roman town wall. Dorchester is at the heart of Thomas Hardy country - his birthplace at nearby Higher Brockhampton, and Max Gate, his home in the town, can both be visited.


Shaftsbury is a gem of a Saxon hill top town, founded by Alfred the Great. The Abbey ruins and herb gardens are open to the public. Gold Hill behind the town hall, is a steep cobbled street with tiny cottages, a quintessential English scene.


Sherborne, in the north of the County has a medieval high street, a superb 15th century Abbey and two castles.


Wimborne Minster is named for its Minster church, which is unique for having two towers, a lantern tower of the late Norman period, and a later western tower of the 15th century. Visit the miniature town with 300 model buildings.