Pioneer Associates

Pioneer Associates has been providing management consultancy services since inception in 1990, ranging from corporate advisory, taxation, internal audit, SOX compliance to special audit services. As a client-focused firm, we adopt a personalised approach and pride ourselves on our long-term client relationships.


  • In January 1990, a group of skilled professionals left Arthur Young to form boutique firm Pioneer Associates. We are committed to delivering innovative, personalised solutions to challenges of any size. Our relationships with clients are built on our understanding of their businesses in addition to mutual trust and respect.


  • Bolstered by a team of experienced professionals, our directors work closely with our clients to understand and support their individual business needs. Our professionals are drawn from different backgrounds and nationalities, and many of them have considerable working experience in an international accounting environment. To facilitate our work in the region, our team comprises professionals who are conversant not only in English, but also in other languages spoken in the region, such as Bahasa Indonesia, Malay, Mandarin, and some Chinese dialects such as Cantonese, which is widely spoken in Hong Kong and Guangzhou (PRC).



  • Our relationships with leading professionals—including accountants and lawyers in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, PRC, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, the UK, and the USA — enable us to facilitate the provision of quality services to our clients in these countries. We personally coordinate these regional and international services to ensure that we utilise the best local advice available.