Dealing with All Kinds of Arthritis Conditions by Dr. Howard Marans

The healing profession has never ceased to amaze in the way it keeps up-to-date in providing solutions to diseases or ailments that have beset many generations since time immemorial. Today, we can somehow say that, barring a few unsolved medical issues, treating most of humanity’s previously dreaded diseases has been meticulously researched and all but practically made into routine procedures that any doctor can administer the proper diagnosis and provide the right prescription to benefit majority of patients.


Arthritis has been one of the most enduring problems faced by adults for centuries. This condition refers simply to “inflammation of a joint, or a place at which two or more bones meet”. Most common of all kinds of arthritis are osteoarthritis, post-traumatic arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Dr. Howard Marans manages many arthritis cases non-surgically, allowing most people with the condition to enjoy happy normal full lives unhampered by this condition.  


But beyond the modern technical aspect of medical practice, Dr. Howard Marans and his staff have set as their mission to treat all their patients promptly and in a professional manner. Accurate diagnosis involves a comprehensive evaluation of treatment alternatives and their possible results leading to the implementation of the chosen treatment options whether it involves surgery or not. Dr. Marans has spent two decades helping his patients achieve their medical needs in trying to fulfill his mission with diligence and commitment.


Although some cases of arthritis require surgery, Dr. Howard Marans opts for non-surgical procedures in most arthritis cases in order to avoid certain risks and to minimize medical costs. Some of the treatments utilized in these non-surgical procedures include physical therapy (muscle-strengthening exercises), change in lifestyle (for example, avoiding high-impact activities), weight loss (as little as 10% reduction can relieve symptoms), and injection of steroids to reduce inflammation.


This common ailment may afflict many people today; nevertheless, medical treatment is always available as long as we know where to look for it. Dr. Howard Marans has the wide experience to help patients find the relief they seek.