Cambridge Associates Asia Singapore: Areas of Expertise

We know all investors are not the same. That’s why our investment professionals are organized within practice areas. Our investment professionals are experts at understanding the nuances of the client segments that we serve. They devote their time to addressing your specific challenges.


Nonprofit Institutions

Nonprofit institutions represent more than two-thirds of our client base.  These clients’ assets represent more than 70% of total U.S. higher education endowment assets and 40% of U.S. foundation assets.   And we work with each client to help them build a portfolio that is fully customized to meet their investment goals.  Explore our nonprofit practice.


Private Client

Working with more than 200 private clients in 25 countries around the world, our private wealth professionals know how to develop tax-aware strategies, plan for generational needs, and identify beneficial trust structures.  Explore our private client practice.



We recognize that each plan sponsor has unique and different objectives.  For the more than 100 pension funds that we work with, we develop customized solutions to help plan sponsors meet their fiduciary obligations. Explore our pension practice.


Mission-Focused Investors

Using our global manager database and extensive due diligence on a wide range of MRI investment opportunities across asset classes, we help investors develop and implement mission-related strategies that work for their portfolios.  Explore our mission-related investing practice.


Enterprise Advisory

Working with nonprofit institutions for more than 40 years, we specialize in understanding the enterprise conditions, risks, and opportunities that are unique to each institution’s circumstances. Explore our enterprise advisory practice.